Blog 3


Sometimes a fresh coat of paint is all it takes to enliven a space—especially if said paint color is green. It is, after all, the color of renewal. The right shade of green can calm, energize, or even ground a room. No matter if its paint for your wall, the colour of your future cabinets or selecting fabric for upholstery; when someone is in the market looking for a specific undertone of green, there always follows the question “What kind of green?”

Maybe long ago there was only one (MAYBE two) shades of green to choose from. Now there are literally hundreds. From “Muted Mint” to “Urban Green”, the choices are limitless.


To narrow down that extensive lists its always good to have a smaller range of go-tos.

1. Dulux “Pale Wintergreen” – an excellent choice as it is the perfect soothing colour for rooms with a hint of greenery. Its doesn’t make the space seem sterile nor does it make it look aged. Under almost any lighting it gives off a “fresh” look.

2. Dulux “Princess Emerald” – is a darker colour in the spectrum because and has a warm undertone. This is the perfect colour for cabinets which needs to be updated.

3. Plascon “Green Fog” – A darker colour with which one can highlight other elements in a room. This paint works great in a library setting or study where artwork or books form part of the backdrop.

4. Plascon “Midlands March” – It is a good, fairly light green that doesn’t lean in any particular colour. It is a neutral paint colour and is perfect for transitional spaces.

5. Paintsmiths Midas “Warm Shadow” – An earthy, forest floor green that can ground a room. It creates a warm undertone and is a great addition to patios or rooms where you can add flowers.

6. BONUS: Paintsmiths Midas “Canopy” – A blue-green tone which is perfect for smaller spaces. Just the thing when a fresh canvas is wanted.

Designer tip:

Whatever green you choose – ALWAYS buy a tester pod from your local paint supplier first and apply a 1mx1m sample on the wall you intend to paint. We recommend buying 3 different samples of green and painting all on the wall. Leave it on for a day or two and have a look at it at different times of the day to see how the light reflects off the paint. Then decide which colour you love and go and buy it!