2022 – 2023 Re-elected SAIAT Overberg and Overstrand Regional Chapter Head – 2 Years

2021 SAIAT Overberg and Overstrand Regional Chapter Head – 1 Year

2020 SAIAT Overberg and Overstrand Regional Chapter Head – 1 Year

2014 Cape Town Design Capital of the world – “Live Design.Transform Life” event organiser with Mrs Cape Town

2006 PG BISON Student of the year competition –  Top 10 finalist

Daleen is a designer, entrepreneur and innovator. She sits on the SAIAT regional Panel as the Overberg and Overstrand Chapter head, and is a member of South African Council for the Architecture Profession.

Daleen has a rare combination of ability and experience that includes architecture, project & program management, community engagement, research and mentorship to young interns. Daleen founded the firm in 2014 after working at various big architecture firms & working on local as well as international projects.

She has 17 years of experience under her belt and heads up the team as Lead & Creative Director. Daleen is a creative soul and believes every project should be designed with intention. Her distinct aesthetic is eclectic, bold, visually exciting and timeless.





Christiaan is passionate about creating bold, functional forms and focused details. He values beautiful design, rich detail and meaningful experiences.

Christiaan’s thorough approach results in extensive technical documentation and details in the execution of all our projects. He is a member of South African Council for the Architecture Profession and registered as a Professional Architect. 

Christiaan joined the team in 2018 as head Technical Director. 

He has successfully completed various projects ranging from concept phase through to construction and site handover. He has a wide work portfolio consisting of medical facilities, companies & residential projects. 

He has a different approach towards each project & always keen for the perfection. Dedicated to advancing his craft, Christiaan’s site knowledge has become the trademark stamp behind Holloway and Davel’s success at site handovers to clients.