Newlands Village: A Timeless Blend of Elegance and Heritage

Exquisite Renovation of a Heritage Home in Newlands Village, Cape Town.

Discover the breathtaking transformation of this 1905 Edwardian heritage home, located in the charming Newlands Village of Cape Town. Holloway and Davel Architects spearheaded the renovation, collaborating closely with the Newlands Residents Association and Heritage Western Cape to ensure a harmonious upgrade and restoration of this iconic property.

The project involved a complete overhaul of the 180 square meter space, with the house stripped down to its bare walls and meticulously remodeled. The original kitchen, confined to a small area, and the understated bathrooms were dramatically revitalized under the expertise of our design team.

Through a visionary approach, the floor plan was reimagined to create a seamless open-concept living space on the main floor, encompassing the kitchen, living, and dining areas. The result is a stunning white kitchen adorned with intricate shaker panel cabinets, juxtaposed against rich, dark herringbone wooden floors. Carefully curated wallpaper and wall panelling details accentuate the home’s character, while luxurious marble countertops add a touch of elegance.

To enhance the outdoor areas, timber pergolas were incorporated onto the patios, providing a serene setting for relaxation. The addition of traditional-profiled doors and casings, painted in timeless white and black, further elevates the Newlands Village spirit. The end result is a captivating blend of cozy warmth and captivating glamour, where the essence of the heritage is tastefully preserved.

Immerse yourself in the distinct charm of Newlands Village as you explore this meticulously designed and beautifully executed architectural masterpiece.


House Newlands

Nestled in the heart of the Newlands Village in Cape Town, this 180 square meter Edwardian heritage home underwent a full renovation, stripped down to the bare walls and completely remodelled.

The house was originally built in 1905 and was renovated previously. Holloway and Davel Architects worked closely with the Newlands Residents Association and Heritage Western Cape to design a harmonious solution for the upgrade and restoration of this heritage home.

The original kitchen was contained within a small space and all bathrooms were dark and understated. With the help of the design team, they completely transformed and modernized the 2-bedroom, 2.5 bathroom space.

The floor plan was completely opened up so that the main floor kitchen, living and dining areas are open-concept living space. The dramatic white kitchen with detailed shaker panel cabinets is contrasted with beautiful dark wooden herringbone floors. Wallpaper and wall panelling details are sprinkled throughout the home, while varying tones of marble can be found on countertops, giving the townhouse an elevated aesthetic.

With the addition of timber pergolas on the external patio’s as well as beautiful traditional-profiled doors and casings that are painted in a classic white and black, this project achieves a distinct Newlands Village spirit that is cozy and warm, and still edgy, glamorous, and beautiful.